Ran In A 24-Hour Charity Relay

24-Hour Charity Relay – #PPP4SPA

On the 27th May, at 6:30pm, the whir of treadmills marked the beginning of what would be an epic 24-hour relay race against depression.

We were 4 “Pros”, Kara Sutherland, Jack Smith, Craig “Captain” Price, and myself – eager to take on a new challenge, and happy to put the next 24 hours of our time toward a good cause. We were running under the banner of PPP4SPA, an annual event where Plebs, Pros, and Personalities run alongside each other for a common cause: to raise awareness, and funds, for Suicide Prevention Australia.

The event was simultaneously run in nine locations around Australia and raised over $40,000 in funding to help supportive networks and research into suicide prevention. And maybe even more importantly, it raised thousands of eyebrows.

It is my hope that events like PPP4SPA and RUOK Day will make mental health something people think about and prompt others to be more mindful of what others might be going through. This attempt to bring people closer together and prompt a more supportive society I think is far more important than any dollar amount.

HOWEVER – If you’d feel better funding professionals to help research these issues and would prefer to give dollars instead of time, your input would be appreciated immensely at www.suicidepreventionaust.org



– Baz Out!