Co-Wrote A Travel Guide

Co-Wrote A Travel Guide For Charity

Six months back, I was lucky enough to join a motley crew of miscreant vagabonds in Bali, all of us eager to learn a thing or two about writing from the minds of our Global Hobo mentors.

One of our objectives during the internship was to form a team of 15, get out and about exploring as much as we could, and collectively write, edit, format, and publish a guide-book to Bali. A few months later, “A Loose Guide To Canggu” became the new “go-to” guide for travellers looking for some sweet advice about Bali.

I’m very proud of the end product. But I think I’m even more proud of how quickly we all agreed to donate all proceeds to a Balinese charity for orphans – Metta Mama & Maggha. Nothing better than talented, good-hearted people! ?

If you’re planning a trip there in the coming months – and looking for some advice on what to see & do with yourself – we would love you to grab a copy of A LOOSE GUIDE TO CANGGU!


From the writers:

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