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Bamboo Textiles

BT provide \’the essentials\’ when Baz is trying to #GoAnywhere #DoAnything & #BeWhatever.
They are an Australian-owned company and have been leading the bamboo textiles industry in Australia for over ten years with superior quality bamboo socks, jocks, clothing, bathroom, and equestrian products.

\”Unbeatable for keeping my feet and crown jewels healthy and safe through any challenges. I wouldn\’t ever wear anything else.\” – Baz


Good Football

Good Football is a social enterprise based on the Gold Coast in Australia started by a couple of Aussie guys who are in love with the game with the round ball.

Between you and I – I\’m a Rugby guy – but I cannot agree more with their objectives – to bring joy, happiness, and health to underprivileged children all over the world through the game they love.

\”For every ball we sell, we donate one to support children in need.\” – Good Football


Work With Baz Let\'s Be Partners

This website was never intended to be a source of income or a way to get free stuff. It was started as an experiment to see what kind of crazy missions people would send me on, as a way to do some good, spread my message of breaking down social norms, and test the theory that \”Anything Is Possible.\” – And these will remain the purposes.

Which is why I only promote products here that I actually use myself and that I think are awesome. Products that are unique, awesome, or unorthodox and companies who have environmental, social, or otherwise intrinsic value.

However, If you have an incredible product or think your company fits the above description, drop me an e-mail and maybe we can work together.

Baz | @WhatShouldBazDo
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