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All About @WhatShouldBazDo

What\’s The Purpose?


Being overseas, away from friends and family, one of the fundamental reasons for starting a blog is nearly always going to be a way of keeping in touch with loved ones back home: to remind them all I still exist; to ensure they know where I am around the globe; to share your triumphs; to hear and feel their support through any troubled times; and, of course, to gloat a little bit about the adventures I find myself on.

About Baz

In A Nutshell

writing shirtless\”Baz is that Aussie guy who lives where & how other people tell him to – in an effort to test the theory that \”anything is possible.\”
He will literally go anywhere, be anything, and do whatever his readers tell him to… So long as it also has a positive impact on the world…

He is a teacher by profession, but a nomadic wanderer in practice, always searching for the next challenge or adventure to learn from. 

He changes location & career frequently but insists it is all worthwhile and with great purpose. The only long term constants are a will to explore the world, a healthy addiction to health, and a love of writing & (mis)adventure.

How It Works


WWW.WHATSHOULDBAZDO.COM works like a real life ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel.

I have set \”normal life\” aside to become the living protagonist of a global adventure story decided by other people.

There are two types of decisions you can be a part of:

(1) THE BIG DECISIONS: including which country to live in, what to become, and what cause to support.

(2) THE SMALL DECISIONS (or \”Mini Conundrums\”): such as what style of moustache to grow, whether to learn Spanish or German, or what mini-challenges to complete along the way for charities or good causes.

This project is about exploring & testing the possibilities of life outside of our comfort zones – and leaving a positive impact as we do that.

Comments welcome!