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Design The Next Chapter Of My Life

my-two-cents[contact-form to=\’\’ subject=\’Big Ideas\’][contact-field label=\’Your Name Or @Name\’ type=\’name\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Your Email\’ type=\’email\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’1. Tell Baz What Country To Live In Next\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’2. Give Baz A Main Life Goal Here (eg. Learn the language, Work as a stripper, Become a musician)\’ type=\’textarea\’/][contact-field label=\’3. Create A Big Challenge To Complete (eg. Run a marathon, Walk across the country, Take a month-long vow of silence)\’ type=\’textarea\’/][contact-field label=\’4. Who Or What Should The Challenge Be Supporting?\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][/contact-form]

Dare Baz Anything Build Baz\'s Bucketlist

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