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All About @WhatShouldBazDo

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    25th October 2016
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    9th May 2015
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    17th March 2015
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    7th March 2015

About Baz

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In A Nutshell

“Baz” is a 30-year-old man-child with the potential to become an adult – but no intention of doing so. He is a teacher by profession, but a nomadic wanderer in practice, always searching for the next challenge or adventure to learn from. He’s currently living his life the way that others decide – by asking strangers and friends – “What Should Baz Do?”

He changes location & career frequently but insists it is all worthwhile and with great purpose. The only long term constants are a will to explore the world, a healthy addiction to health, and a love of writing & (mis)adventure.

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what should baz do logoAbout The Site


For the next few years, I will seek out new challenges and experiences by letting friends, family, and anyone else who stumbles across this site, make life-altering decisions – BIG and small – about where I live and what to do there.

What Should Baz Do started out as a bit of a laugh in my mate’s kitchen in 2012. A laugh that sounded like a pretty decent social experiment, a reason to blog, and an over-the-top way of showing my younger cousins that there are more than two options after finishing High School.

The idea quickly developed into something much more than that. And it is now a project that has completely taken over my life – literally! 😀

The project combines some of my philosophical attitudes about life, a sense of responsibility to leave behind a positive impact, and an attempt to inspire life-long learners to question everything and lead interesting & extraordinary lives.


WWW.WHATSHOULDBAZDO.COM works like a real life ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel.

I have set “normal life” aside to become the living protagonist of a global adventure story decided by other people.

There are two types of decisions you can be a part of:

(1) THE BIG DECISIONS: including which country to live in, what to become, and what cause to support.

(2) THE SMALL DECISIONS (or “Mini Conundrums”): such as what style of moustache to grow, whether to learn Spanish or German, or what mini-challenges to complete along the way for charities or good causes.

This project is about exploring & testing the possibilities of life outside of our comfort zones – and leaving a positive impact as we do that.

The Nuts & Bolts: How It Really Works


Phase 1 of this project is essentially a collective brainstorming exercise – where YOU design the next chapter of my life: where you think I should live & what I should do there.


After creating a shortlist of the best 10 ideas from PHASE 1, it is time to vote on which will be the ultimate winner, and therefore become the next chapter of my life.


When the voting ends, the decision is final. I’ll put all my energy toward achieving the life prescribed in the winning idea! – (Except for the energy used to share how it goes)


PHASE 1, 2, and 3 decide the big stuff – but you have more control than just the major life choice. There are many decisions to make on how I should best prepare my mind, body, and soul for what is to come. Plus you can inform some specific decisions along the way inside each chapter as well.

So What’s The Purpose Of All This?

Like many other travel blogs “What Should Baz Do?” is a way to keep in touch with friends and family back home in Australia, but it is also many other things. The interactive concept of having other people make the suggestions, and then ultimately decide many of my life decisions offers some pretty unique capabilities.

A Travel Blog

To Inspire Possibility

Philanthropic Purposes

Personal Development

Share Vision/Life Philosophy

Help Others To Succeed


Comments welcome!